Global Roaming Setup Manuals
For Windows users, we strongly recommend the use of the GRIC Mobile Office dial-up utility. For Mac users, a standard dial-up connection through your OS is the only way to use Global Roaming as the Mac version of Mobile Office has long since been discontinued.
Operating System Setup Manual
Windows GRIC Mobile Office
Macintosh Dial-up Connection
Download GRIC Mobile Office
  • Japanese Version GRIC Mobile Office
  • English Version GRIC Mobile Office
  • Access Point Search
  • Use the Phonebook
  • Download the Pop List in CSV format (5.67 MB)

    *Online Phonebook Usage Notes (Not applicable when using GRIC Mobile Office)
  • Click on the access point number and confirm the following:
    1. "Terminal Prompt" should be "Disabled" in the "Detail Information." If it is "Enabled," that access point number will be usable only for GRIC Mobile Office users.
    2. Please look over the "Note[s]."
  • Some access point numbers may require you to enter "gric/" before your login name.
  • "In country access only, cannot be dialed outside of country" indicates that you can only connect to that access point from within that country.
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