Global Roaming Configuration Guides
Operating System Setup Manual
Windows iPassConnect Configuration Guide
Macintosh iPassConnect Configuration Guide
* Connection types are currently limited to Analog dial-up and ISDN only.
* Roaming Service supports Microsoft Windows versions Windows 98SE and newer.
* Roaming Service supports Macintosh OS X only.
* PDA devices are currently not supported.
* Connection is only possible through iPassConnect software. Other methods will not be supported.
* FUSION GOL cannot assist with modem installations or other hardware related problems.
Download iPassConnect Dialer Software
  • iPassConnect for Windows 2000/XP (.zip) 9.07MB
  • iPassConnect for Windows 98SE/ME (.zip) 8.42MB
  • iPassConnect for Mac OS X (.dmg) 2.99MB
  • iPassConnect for Intel Mac (.dmg) 3.07MB
  • Access Point Search
  • Access Point Database.
    * To be used only for information on availability. Actual numbers and information will not be displayed.
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    The Global Roaming Service network is provided through partnership with iPass Inc.

    Legacy Services

    Old service guides and information for GoRemote-based services can be found HERE
    * Support for Go Remote officially ends July 7, 2006.
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