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Netscape 7
Step1. Creating a new profile
Step 2. Configuring/modifying SMTP (outgoing mail) server

Step 1. Creating a new profile

> Notice
If you already have a FUSION GOL configuration, continue on to "Step 2. Configuring/Modifying SMTP (outgoing mail) server."

1. Double click Netscape 7 to start.

2. Click on "Create Profile" in the "Select User Profile" window.
- If you already have an entry in "Available Profiles", click "Start Netscape 7" and continue on to "Step 2. Configuring/Modifying SMTP (outgoing mail) server."

3. When the "Create Profile" window appears, click Next.

4. Configure the "Create Profile" screen as follows:

- Enter New Profile name: user-ID

Click "Finish."

5. This will return you to the "Select User Profile" window. Confirm that a neentry is in "Available Profiles" and click "Start Netscape 7."

6. From under the "Tasks" pulldown menu, select "Mail&Newsgroups."

7. Select "Email accout" in the "New Account Setup" window.

Click "Next."

8. Configure the "Identity" window as follows:

- Your Name: your name
- Email Address: your email address (user-ID@gol.com)

Click "Next."

9. Configure the "Server Information" windows as follows:

- Select the type of incoming server you are using: POP
- Incoming Server: popmail.gol.com
- Outgoing Server : mail.gol.com

Click "Next."

10. Configure the "User Name" windows as follows:

- User Name: User ID

Click "Next."

11. Configure the "Account Name" windows as follows:

- Account Name: your email address (user-ID@gol.com)

Click "Next."

12. When the"Congratulations!" window appears, click "Finish."

You have now completed configuring your profile for receiving email.
Please continue on to Step 2. Confirming/Modifying SMTP (outgoing mail) server.

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