IP-Phone Router Essential Information
User ID Formats
When setting up your router, please be aware that your connection user-id will differ depending on your service type. Please refer to the table below.
FLET'S ADSL 1.5M users user-id@adsl1.vips.gol.com
FLET'S ADSL 8M/12M/24M/40M/47M users user-id@adsl8.vips.gol.com
eAccess ADSL users user-id@dsl.gol.com
Mansion Type users user-id@b-man.vips.gol.com
Hyper Family, New Family, Family100 Type users user-id@b-fam.vips.gol.com
Basic Type users user-id@b-base.vips.gol.com
VoIP Router Setup Guides
English guidance is unavailable but the following routers are 100% compatible with FUSION IP-Phone.
・MegaBitGear TE4412V2(Sumitomo)
・MegaBitGear MR1020V1(Sumitomo)
* FUSION GOL is unable to provide English technical support on any VoIP routers that are purchased privately by the customer. This also applies to the following routers: MegaBitGear TE4412V2, MegaBitGear MR1020V1, SR-21VoIP, and SR-5000/5200VoIP.

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