Connection ID
Connection ID user-id@h.vips.gol.com
Access Points
You may be denied access or charged additional fees if you do not use the access point number that corresponds with the AIR-EDGE service plan you applied for.
[Willcom Service Fee Plans]
Net 25 Flex Change 0570-570-509##7
Net 25 Packet Switching 0570-570-509##64
Tsunagi Hodai 1x Packet Switching 0570-570-509##61
Tsunagi Hodai 4x Packet Switching 0570-570-755##64
Pake Komi Net 1x Packet Switching 0570-570-430##61
Pake Komi Net 4x Packet Switching 0570-570-755##64
DAL(Nation-wide flat-rate AP)
32kPIAFS (PIAFS 1.0) 0077-80-5800
64kPIAFS(PIAFS 2.1 / Best Effort) 0077-48-8240
Setup Manual
System Operating System / Software
Windows WindowsXP
* The customer must be aware of all details regarding Willcom service contract.
* The "phone number" assigned to your connection device is used during the authentication procedure and it must be made visible to us.
* AIR-EDGE Option service is not required to use standard GOL access points. Simply follow the same procedure that you would for a normal dial-up connection.
* GOL SuperLite account holders beware. Use of any non-AIR-EDGE access point will limit you to 5-hours per month after which additional fees will be incurred.

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