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NTT Application Assistance
1.  What is NTT Application Assistance?
  NTT Application Assistance is a service provided by FUSION GOL and IT Telecom (ITT) to make applying for an NTT FLET'S broadband line less complicated. Since FUSION GOL provides only the access account and NTT provides the broadband line, out customers have normally had no choice other than to contact NTT directly to make arrangements for their line installation and then later come back to GOL to procure the access account. Now, through NTT Application Assistance, customers need only make one application to FUSION GOL and we then forward the necessary information on to ITT.
2.  How do I use it?
  If you apply for your FLET'S broadband service through Online Signup (new customers) or through Member's Station (existing customers), you will be given the option to apply for your FLET'S account with or without NTT Application Assistance. If you apply by mail or FAX, you will see a section labeled "NTT Application Assistance" on the paper form which you should fill in before submitting to GOL.
3.  Does it work with all FLET'S services?
  No. Unfortunately we are only able to provide NTT Application Assistance with
• B FLET'S Hyper Family (NTT East)
• B FLET'S Family 100 (NTT West)
• B FLET'S Basic (Nationwide)
• FLET'S Hikari Premium Family (NTT West)
• All FLET'S ADSL plans! (Nationwide)
B FLET'S Mansion, FLET'S Hikari Premium Mansion, and FLET'S ISDN plans can not be applied for through NTT Application Assistance.
4.  Is it faster to use NTT Application Assistance?
  No. From the time your application is submitted, there is a maximum 10-day cosultation period in which ITT and NTT exchange data to determine area compatibility and installation lead time. The flow normally goes something like this:
1. Your application is received by FUSION GOL. If any mistakes or omissions are discovered, you will be contacted; otherwise, your application information will be forwarded on ITT.
2. IT Telecom will request a location investigation from NTT.
3. NTT will check the area or building to ensure that it is compatible with the service you have applied for.
4. NTT will send back a result of "OK" or "NG" to ITT.
5. If "OK", ITT will attempt to contact you to arrange a day for NTT to perform construction. If there are no Japanese speakers available when they call, the information will be passed on to FUSION GOL and you will be contacted in English. If "NG", the information is immediately passed to FUSION GOL and you will be informed that the service is unfortunately unavailable in your area or building.
6. NTT will perform construction on the agreed day and time. You will receive your account details before the construction.
Generally speaking, when all the information submitted to FUSION GOL is correct, you should expect the entire process to take 3-5 days longer than what it would if you dealt directly with NTT.
5.  Who should I call to check the status?
  If you receive no contact from ITT or FUSION GOL within 10 business days from the time you submit your application, please contact the FUSION GOL Customer Service Center at 0120-987-800 or sales@gol.com to inquire about the status of your application. There may be times when ITT has not yet reported back the status even to us yet and in such cases, we ask for your patience as we investigate and get back to you later.
6.  Should I call NTT if I want to change the installation date?
  The moment you begin dealing with NTT directly, ITT's role comes to an end and you will be responsible for ensuring your line is installed from that point on. If you need to change the type of service you are applying for or the installation date, you should contact FUSION GOL as soon as possible so that we can re-submit your application. Be aware however, that doing so will of course delay the process.
7.  It doesn't seem very convenient...
  To be fair, the service is primarily targeted at our Japanese speaking customers that have a more flexible schedule. We did, however, feel that the service should be offered to all customers, regardless of language proficiency. If you need to operate in English only and would like to have more control over the process, you may be better off working with NTT from the beginning. NTT is happy to assist you in English at 0120-364-463 weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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