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WIZ IT One Number

Service Details

The WiZ IT One Number service is a nation wide dial-up access number provided through Rakuten Communications. Dial-up connections made through WIZ IT One Number service cost no more than a standard local phone call. Recommended for customers living outside the service area of GOL access points.

same rate nation wide

Until now, customers outside our dial-up service zones had to pay expensive long distance fees to NTT. No More! No matter where you dial from, you only pay the price of a local phone call.


Analog, up to 56K; ISDN 64K (only)

10 yen (10.5 yen tax included)
/ 3 minutes


20 yen (21yen tax included)
/ 3 minutes


There are no registration fee or fixed fees!
Fees will only apply for each month the service used.

Things To Know About Registration

  • Separate registration with Rakuten Communications required for use.

  • Only those with phone numbers contracted with NTT are eligible for registration.

  • Registration is not required for those already in services provided by Rakuten Communications(i.e. Myline)

  • Connections can only be made with the phone number you register with.

  • This service cannot be used with PHS or mobile cellular phones.


For more information, technical support, or an application form please
0120-987-800 (9:00~18:00 , Mon-Fri)