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Virus Filtering

Service Guide


Monthly Accounts: 100 yen/month

The Virus Filtering service becomes available to all mailboxes and aliases attached to the main GOL account at no extra cost.
The filter can be turned on or off as desired for each account attached to the main account. These changes can be easily made at Member's station


Please proceed to the Member's station and following the links to the sign-up page.

Contacting Rakuten Broadband Premium

Any Sales or Technical inquires can be directed to the Customer Center at 0120-987-800, 9.00am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding National holidays).

Please see here for FAQ.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rakuten Broadband Premium recommends, that in addition to the Virus Filtering service, that all customers install and operate local anti-virus software on their own personal computer to improve protection from Internet threats.

  • Virus Filtering only filters incoming and outgoing E-mail passing through the GOL mail server.

  • Rakuten Broadband Premium cannot guarantee 100% protection from Internet threats.

  • Rakuten Broadband Premium will not accept any responsibility for loss of income or data, or damage to hardware or software as a result from an Internet related threat.

  • Virus Filtering does not protect against Internet viruses transmitted through websites, downloads, CD's or floppy disks.

All prices shown are excluded tax unless otherwise specified.