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Global Roaming



1. I want to use my connection overseas.

You can sign-up for the "Global Roaming Service" by logging on to the "Member's Station" Y and going to "Options and changes to your subscription. "For setup information", go to "Global Roaming" in the Support section.

2. What are the fees for the roaming service?

The fees for the service are 30 yen per minute and a monthly fee of 500 yen. If you do not use the service at all on a given month, you will not be charged anything. Please refer to "Global Roaming Service" in the Optional Services page for more details.

3. When I connect using the roaming service, I can send my e-mail.

You will need to enter your user-id and password in a mail program that supports SMTP authentication. For setup information, refer to "Mail" in the Support section.