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Mail Plus


1. What is Mail Plus?

Mail Plus is a service that adds extra space to your mailbox. All GOL mail account start at 20MB and with Mail Plus, you can upgrade that to 3GB.

2. What is IMAP?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. Simply put, it is an alternative method of E-mail management that, when properly used, can be far more efficient than using the conventional POP system of mail retrieval. The advantages of IMAP however are, with all things, largely in the eye of the beholder and special attention should be given to the differences when determining which is better for you.

3. How does IMAP differ from POP?

The POP (Post Office Protocol) system is what most E-mail users are probably familiar with. The way it works is simple. Your mail is stored on a remote server until your access it. In most cases "access" means download (i.e. it is removed from the server and then transferred to your local computer). It's easy to understand but not very convenient in situations when more than one person uses the address or when accessing the account from multiple locations. IMAP, on the other hand, was designed with those exact shortcomings in mind. One address can be accessed by multiple users. Mail is stored on the server at all times so no matter where you access the account from, the mail is just as you left it. Furthermore, folders and subfolders can be created and used to form a management structure to best meet your needs.

4. Should I use IMAP?

Use of IMAP is recommended to (but not forced upon) customers who already know what it is and how to use it, customers who use GOL Mail Plus service, customers that frequently check their mail from more than one location, and customers (usually business owners) that would find it convenient to allow more than one person to access the same accoutn simultaneously.

5. Will GOL help me learn how to use IMAP?

We have prepared basic setup and usage guides for Webmail and select E-mail software for your reference but GOL will not be providing support beyond that point. Please keep this in mind if you are a first time user as GOL cannot assume any responsibility for accidents (i.e. lost mail) caused by improper use of IMAP.

6. Why do you recommend IMAP with Mail Plus?

Because the POP protocol downloads mail to your computer each time you check, the risk of session timeouts increases greatly as the size of your mailbox grows. Of course this depends greatly on the software you use and the bandwidth of your internet connection. Some users may have no problem using POP with Mail Plus.

7. How far can I increase my mailbox storage space?

Maximum allowed is 3GB.

8. What do I need to use IMAP?

You need an Internet connection, a GOL mail account, and some E-mail software such as Thunderbird or Outlook Express (Webmail can also be used).

9. How do I apply for Mail Plus?

Register within minutes from "Member's Station"

10. I applied for the 120MB Mail Plus service (210Yen/month Tax Included) in January of 2007. Now I see that for the same price the amount of space has been increased. Is there anything I need to do?

Every customer that applied for Mail Plus service by January of 2007 was automatically given an additional 80MB (for a total of 200MB) at no additional cost. No action on your part is required.

11.I would like to CANCEL maiplus. What should I do ?

By changing mailbox capacity to 20MB (0Yen) from the members station,
mailplus option will be stopped and fees for next month and onwards will not be charged.
*If cancelled after 26th, fees will not be charged from next to the next month .