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About IP-Phone

Features of the FUSION IP-Phone

The FUSION IP-Phone is a latest IP telephone system with the following characteristics features.


This cost is the same regardless of where in the country you call or what time of day it is. However, the cost of calling to cell phones, PHS's, or other mobile units is not included. These are automatically treated as NTT calls.


Every call made to another FUSION IP-Phone user is always free.


The one time registration fee is 500 yen and the regular monthly usage fee is 380 yen. For these nominal fees you are free to call whomever you want, whenever you want - with no restrictions. The use of Flets service will be separately charged.


You can start using your FUSION IP-Phone using the phone you already have - there is no need to buy a dedicated phone unit.


When you get your FUSION IP-Phone, you will receive a new phone number that starts with 050. But if you choose to continue using your NTT phone, you can also continue using your existing number together with the new number we assign, and you do not have to change your phone.


Our unique FUSION optical fiber network and the latest IP phone technology give you the clearest calls available today. While this is our goal, there are times when quality may depend on ADSL line conditions.

All prices shown are excluded tax unless otherwise specified.