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About IP-Phone

Cut current phone bills way down! FUSION IP-Phone is avaiable at affordable proces with B-FLET'S.FLET'S ADSL. and eAccess


What is the FUSION IP-Phone?

The FUSION IP-Phone is a service that providing the next generation of voice phone utilizing Fusion's IP network technology. Using an exclusive network and broadband line, IP-Phone allows you to minimize the use of your current phone line, including NTT lines, bringing your monthly phone bill way down!

  • If you use your phone with another FUSION IP-Phone user, you pay nothing for the call.

  • If the person you're calling uses a regular phone line, your cost nation wide is 8 yen for 3 minutes.

  • Calls from a domestic land line to a FUSION IP-Phone can be made for 10.5 yen per 3 minutes.


Additional Notes