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Application Flow

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Broadband Rakuten Broadband Premium FLET'S Service Sign-up • For a hard copy application, call the Rakuten Broadband Premium Customer Center at 0120-987-800, 9:00 - 17:30 (Monday to Friday).
• Your account details will be sent to you by postal mail after your application has been processed.
* Mansion Type services can not be applied for in conjunction with NTT Application Assistance. You must apply for the line directly with NTT first and then apply for a Mansion Type access account separately.
Consultation by NTT • NTT or an affiliated agency will inform you of the date of construction and subsequent FLET'S Service start date.
Rakuten Broadband Premium Service Account Details data sheet is sent by postal mail • Please keep in a safe place until needed.
NTT Construction • Fiber optics wiring work at the customer site is required. The customer needs to be present onsite at the time.
Modem / Router Unit Configuration • Configure your connection device.
• GOL is unable to provide setup assistance in English due to the nature of the CTU device (required for use of GOL FLET'S Hikari Premium service) and configuration software.
• Should you require technical assistance, we suggest that you or a Japanese-speaking friend contact NTT West directly for further information.
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