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GOL FLET'S Hikari Premium

How to Sign Up

How to Sign Up
■New Customers

Take advantage of NTT Application Assistance! On your application form for NTT FLET'S Services (excluding FLET'S ISDN) fill out the required information to benefit from our NTT Application Assistance program and GOL and will submit your application directly to NTT on your behalf. You will be sent your account information (User-ID and Password) once an installation date has been scheduled.


Sign up online by clicking on the "Sign up now!" button shown and we will waive the preliminary fee of 2,000 yen.

■Existing GOL Customers

Existing customers can also take advantage of NTT application assistance. You will see the option as you apply for FLET'S services through Member's Station as well as on our paper-based application form.


Alternatively, customers can speed the process up by a few days by applying for a FLET'S line directly with NTT first and apply for an access account with GOL when the line has been installed. Your account information (User-ID and Password) will be sent to you soon after your application to GOL.

a Note to customer

Depending on the NTT preliminary tests, the normal one month waiting period may be extended to (up to) three months. Please refer to the Application Flow.

■Sending E-mails

When using FLET'S services, you must use an SMTP-Authentication enabled mail client. Please click here for a list of compatible mail clients.

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