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FLET'S Hikari Next

Service Details

Typical GOL B-FLET'S Connection

Basic service

Benefit 1  A simple E-mail address : ***@gol.com  Benefit 2  One free alias E-mail address*  Benefit 3  100MB of Web space  Benefit 4  Inbox capacity of 20MB  Benefit 5  Check and send E-mail from anywhere with Web mail


* 2 E-mail addresses can be used per subscription.

For example, you will be able to receive business E-mails in the same mailbox as your private E-mail.

Option Serbvices
Save with IP-Phone integrated plans. With Rakuten Broadband Premium + FUSION IP-Phone,all domestic calls (not including mobile phones) will be \8.4 /3 min. (tax included), and calls between FUSION IP-Phone users will be free.Save on international calls, too! Call mainland U.S.A. for \8/1 min. You can keep your existing telephone and number.Mobile phones can be called at a rate of \16.695 / min. (tax included).
Other Optional Services

Service Name



Advanced SPAM Filtering

Block unwanted junk mail before it enters your mailbox with the power of critically acclaimed “SPAM Assassin.” More than 60% of all Internet mail is classified as SPAM. Fight back.

100 yen/month

Virus Filtering Service

An optional service that scans (and blocks) virus infected mail. During periods of high virus propagation, this service could potentially block thousands of dangerous E-mail saving you time and anxiety.

100 yen/ month

Additional Mailbox

Extra 20MB mailboxes for your family members, business use, etc. Get as many as you want.

300 yen/ month

Global Roaming

Use your GOL ID and Password to get online while overseas. Avoid noisy and crowded Internet cafés.

500 yen/ month

All prices shown are excluded tax unless otherwise specified.