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GOL FLET'S Hikari Next

How to Sign Up / A Note

How to Sign Up
■New Cutomers and Existing GOL Customers

First, sign up for the desired FLET'S Service with NTT. Once NTT's services have been enabled for you and the service start date has been given, sign up for the same FLET'S Service with Rakuten Broadband Premium. We will contact you regarding your User ID needed for setting up the "FLET'S Hikari Next" Service. An ID will be issued in about one business day if you sign up through the GOL Member's Station. You can start using the service at this point provided that NTT has finished preparing for your Fiber connection.

A Note to Customer

Depending on the NTT preliminary tests, the usual one month waiting period may be extended to three months. Please refer to this link for the application flow.

■Sending E-mails

When using GOL "FLET'S Hikari Next", you must use a SMTP-Authentication enabled mail client. Please click here for a list of compatible mail clients.