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Dial-up / ISDN

economical internet service! absolutely recommended for internet users who want easy access at affordable fees

For Light Users

GOL superlite

Designed for the user who needs only E-mail access and the means to do a bit of web browsing.

Flat Rate Plans

GOL power plan

A plan for users that don't want to worry about time limitations and don't mind or have no choice but to accept dial-up speeds. GOL Power Plan accounts are compatible with standard 56K analog dial-up and both 64K and 128K ISDN dial-up connections.


For intensive users who want to benefit from the cheapest flat rate dial-up connection available. FLET'S ISDN service can be used from anywhere that ISDN lines are available. The access point is an NTT exclusive number, which means you pay a flat-rate for both GOL usage and NTT usage. Best speed / value in the dial-up family.