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Application Flow

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Apply for your LINE and Access Account from Rakuten Broadband Premium Get your LINE from NTT and Access Account from GOL    
[Broadband] Rakuten Broadband Premium FLET'S Service Sign-up Click Here for Online Sign-up EFor a hard copy application, call the Rakuten Broadband Premium Customer Center at 0120-987-800, 9:00 - 17:30 (Monday to Friday).
* Applications for Mansion Type are no longer accepted.
Consultation by NTT ENTT or an affiliated agency will inform you of the date of construction and subsequent FLET'S Service start date.
Rakuten Broadband Premium Service Account Details data sheet is sent by postal mail EPlease keep in a safe place until needed. Rakuten Broadband Premium will ONLY send your ID and Password by Postal Mail! We will NOT send by e-mail, FAX etc..
NTT Construction Wiring work is performed at the customer's location. The customer needs to be present onsite at the time in case NTT requires entrance to your home or office.
Modem / Router Unit Configuration EConfigure your modem/router unit.
EShould you require technical assistance, call the Rakuten Broadband Premium Customer Center at 0120-987-800, 9:00 - 17:30 (Monday to Friday).
EOnsite installation is available at a fee. See the application form for details or call the Rakuten Broadband Premium Customer Center.
Begin using [Broadband] Rakuten Broadband Premium FLET'S Service


Customer Sign-up IP-Phone included plan

  • Your "IP-Phone Service Account Details" will be sent to you separately from Rakuten Communications.

  • After configuring your VoIP Modem/Router for Internet access, you may proceed to enable your IP-Phone service from the following URL.
    http://www.fusioncom.co.jp/setup/ (Japanese only)

  • Clicking this link will launch your default Web browser and the IP-Phone setup wizard.

  • Do not attempt to proceed with IP-Phone setup until you have received your "IP-Phone Service Account Details" and have read through the IP-Phone Setup Guide. If you have any difficulties, please call GOL for support.

gol rental
Renting a VoIP capable modem...

If you have chosen to rent a VoIP rental router (Model NECAT WR7610HV) while signing up, it will be sent to your registered address normally before your NTT construction date. This is a router only. You will need to rent an ADSL modem from NTT to use in conjunction with this device.

Purchasing a VoIP capable modemc

Customers can also purchase a recommended FUSION IP-Phone compatible broadband router if they choose to do so. Links are provided below. Please be aware in advance that we will be unable to provide English technical support specific to these third party devices.