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News, Maintenance Information, and Virus Information

A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


Phishing email sent to FUSION GOL customers

Dear FUSION GOL Customers,

Phishing email sent to FUSION GOL customers on 4th June



Dear webmail User,

This is to warn you that a DXVK Virus has been detected in your Gol e-mail account, which might cause damages to your important files in your e-mail account, you are to click the link below


to enable us terminated the spread of this virus, failure to comply will lead to termination/closing of your Gol e-mail account.

Await your response.
Gol Internet Security.


We'd like to thank all of our customers who forwarded this email to us and brought it to our attention so that we can try and prevent this type of problem in the future.

We'd also like to note for future reference that when you receive an email from FUSION GOL, the "From" and "Reply-to" address will always end with @gol.com. Another notable identifier in emails from FUSION GOL is the signature at the bottom of the email with the company contact details. FUSION GOL will also never ask you to provide your account password in an email sent out to you or via a website

If you have replied to this email, please go to the GOL Member's Station (www.gol.com/members/) immediately and change the password for your account.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this phishing email or anything else please don't hesitate to contact us.


FUSION GOL / Fusion Communications

Phone: 0120-987-800 / Fax: 03-5276-5230

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