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News, Maintenance Information, and Virus Information

A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


FUSION GOL Monthly Newsletter - May 2009

We'd like to introduce you to the first monthly newsletter that is now being sent out to all users of FUSION GOL services. This newsletter will contain information about the services that are available to you as subscribers and how to make changes to them. If you have any suggestions for items to be included in future newsletters, please feel free to send an email to supporte@gol.com with your ideas.

Members Station

The first item we'd like to direct your attention towards is the FUSION GOL Members station - www.gol.com/members

Many of you may already be aware of the site but for those who are not, here are a few options that are available to you online;

1. Change your service online - If you would like to switch from an ADSL to Fiber Optic service, you can do so online

2. Update your contact details - You can keep your address and telephone number with FUSION GOL updated online

3. Mail forwarding - Have email sent to your gol.com account forwarded to another email address (including your keitai) as an additional backup

4. Spam filter settings - Check and update your SPAM filter settings online or add the Advanced SPAM filter and enable SpamAssassin to block even more mail

5. Change your password - Having trouble remembering the password issued to you? Update it online and make it something easier to remember!*

*When making changes to your password, please be aware that this password will also need to be updated in your connection settings on the computer or router and any email software you may be using.

In order to login to the GOL Members station you will need to know your user ID and your current password. Your user ID is the same as your @gol.com email address but without the @gol.com part. If you cannot remember your password, please contact us by email or give us a call and we can have it reissued to you by registered postal mail.

Fiber Optic Services

One of the most popular options open to subscribers at the moment is the BFLETS/FLETS NEXT fiber optics service. Optical fiber connections provide higher bandwidth (up to 100Mbps) and are much more stable than ADSL lines as they do not use telephone lines to deliver your internet service. Depending on your location, using a fiber optics service can even work out cheaper than an ADSL service too. Another reason the fiber optic service is popular is because cell phone users may no longer require a land line and changing to a fiber service allows you to cancel this service which can also save costs. With NTT offering 2 months free service for fiber line connections at the moment, this is a good opportunity to make the change.

If you're interested in changing your service, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email and provide us with your full address so that FUSION GOL can check the availability of fiber line connections in your area.

If you would like any further details about the options available to you on the GOL Members station or have any questions for us in the future, please feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

Many thanks,

FUSION GOL Customer Support Team

Tel - 0120-987-800

Email - sales@gol.com

Fax - 03-5276-5325

If you would like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, please send an email to sales@gol.com with your name and contact address.