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A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


GOL Global Roaming Service Changes Regarding Access Points / Connectability - GoRemote A

Dear FUSION GOL Customers,

Thank you for choosing GOL as your ISP in Japan.
As always, we appreciate your business.

"GOL Gobal Roaming Service", the convenient way to get online while traveling both in and out of Japan, is in a state of change as the underlying global network (formerly owned and operated by GoRemote Corp. of America) undergoes complete aquisition by iPass Corp. of America. Users of this service should be aware that both the access points and the method of connecting will change as a result.

  • Services provided through iPass begin: June 27, 2006 (Tuesday)

  • Services provided through GoRemote end: July 14, 2006 (Friday)

■Implications on the User Side

Beginning July 1, 2006 (Friday), GoRemote access points will begin going offline and become unusable. On the same day, we will be ending official support for the "GoRemote Mobile Office" dial-up connection software. On June 27, (Tuesday) "iPassConnect", the connection software from iPass Corp., will be supported for use with the new iPass access points.

※ "iPassConnect" user manual and download will be available June 27, (Tuesday) from the support section of our website.

As with any major change that inhibits the convenience of our customers, we apologize for any difficulties encountered during this period of transition.