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A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


Notice: Transfer of "Super Telephone" Service Operations

Fusion Network Services Corporation has concluded a contract with Dream Train Internet Corporation in agreement to acquire Dream Train Internet's telephone service named the "Super Telephone" effective from October 21, 2005 (Friday).

After the service's transference, Fusion Network Services will continue operating the "Super Telephone" service. Please be aware that due to this service transfer, there will be some changes to be made on the service details.

■Service Name

Super Telephone (No change)




Domestic calling rates will be cheaper


au-dedicated, and WILLCOM access points will be discontinued


Dialing rules for calling International will change


The billing period will end on the 22nd for each month


New applications for password authentication will no longer be accepted
(Previously issued passwords will remain valid for use)


■Service Area

Covering NTT West's "FLET'S Hikari Premium" service area


Starting November's bill (payment for the Oct. 21- Nov. 22 period), fees will be charged by Fusion Network Services

※Refer to the link below for service details.

We plan to promote the succession of the " Super Telephone " that Dream Train Internet has fostered and by further improving the service, we hope to achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. Thank you for your time and patronage.


About the Super Telephone

The Super Telephone is a telephone service that uses Fusion's IP network for calls made from land lines, cell phones, and PHS phones. There are no basic fees or minimum usage fees, and sign-up is completely free. No equipment is needed at all in order to benefit from the flat rates for calling both domestic and international. (i.e. USA 14 yen/min) Also, by allowing 3rd person billing for corporations issuing cell phones to their employees, cell phone bills can be easily settled directly by the cell phone carrier, in turn significantly cutting down the cost of liquidating bills.

Details: http://www.supertelephone.net/