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A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


GOL eAccess ADSL 50M Service Start

Fusion Network Services K.K. announced today, June 20, 2005, that their ISP division, GOL, will begin offering a new 50M ADSL plan as part of the company's “GOL eAccess ADSL" service lineup.

With proposed maximum downstream bandwidth capabilities of 50Mbps, the “GOL eAccess ADSL 50M Plan" combines unprecedented speed with the cost-saving benefits of ADSL technology. At 50Mbps, ADSL is finally capable of providing customers with the ultimate experience of comfort and convenience. In addition, as with all FUSION GOL broadband offerings, “FUSION IP-Phone" service, provided through Fusion Communications, is 100% compatible and a highly recommended optional enhancement.

Service Overview

■Service Name

GOL eAccess ADSL 50M Plan

■Service Area

Covering eAccess's country-wide ADSL service area.

■Fees (w/tax)

For a Type 1 line in the NTT East service area.


Monthly Fee

Monthly Fee

Line Usage Fee

VoIP Compatible
Rental Modem Fee

Monthly Fee

GOL eAccess

2,730 yen


126 yen

819 yen

3,675 yen

GOL eAccess

2,730 yen

399 yen

126 yen

819 yen

4,074 yen

■Additional Expenses
  • Initial Application Processing
    4,725 yen (When applying by FAX/Post) ->0 yen*
    2,625 yen (When applying Online) ->0 yen*
    840 yen (NTT Registration Fee) -> 0 yen*
    *When you apply before September 30th, 2005

  • NTT Line Construction : 3,202.5 yen~ (For Type 1)

  • NTT Line Usage Fees:
    NTT East Japan 126 yen / month (For Type 1): 1,434.3 yen / month (For Type 2)
    NTT West Japan 118.65 yen / month (For Type 1): 1,436.4 yen / month (For Type 2)

  • FUSION IP-Phone Number Registration: 525 yen (Per Number)※Free when you apply by March 31, 2006

  • FUSION IP-Phone Calling Fees

Complete Service Details : http://www.gol.com/english/service/e_adsl/index.html

■How to Apply

New Customers

Apply via online signup, FAX , or post.

FUSION GOL Customers

Apply through the Member's Station online account management system.

As a member of IP-Phone pioneer Fusion Group, FUSION GOL delivers a wide variety of Internet solutions. With its proven record as an ISP in Japan , and unique bilingual support, FUSION GOL provides attentively tailored broadband Internet access services for the foreign community.


For Further Information

Fusion Network Services Corporation, GOL Division
FUSION GOL Customer Support Center
TEL: 0120-987-800 (Toll-Free) 9:00~17:30 (Weekdays Only)
FAX: 03-5276-5325 E-mail: sales@gol.com
Website: http://www.gol.com