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A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


[Notice]Fusion IP-Phone / VoIP Rental Router Package Plan

Fusion Network Services Corp., GOL Division, is pleased to announce today, November 18, 2004, a new VoIP Rental Router for use with our own brand of IP-Phone service will be available on a rental basis. The unit, an "Aterm WR7610HV" manufactured by NEC Access Technica, is intended for use with 24/40/47Mbps FLET'S ADSL lines and B FLET'S New Family*/Basic Fiber Optical lines. As an added bonus, the router is also compatible with wireless LAN (802.11b/g/a) protocols.

*B FLET's "Family 100" in NTT West service area.

Since the initial launch of their IP-Phone service back in Spring of 2003, Fusion GOL has only been able to offer VoIP rental hardware compatible with FLET'S ADSL 1.5/8/12Mbps services. With the inclusion of the new wireless VoIP rental router in the FUSION GOL lineup, the entire family* of FLET'S broadband services becomes IP-Phone capable.
*With the exception of "Mansion" Type B FLET'S

■Applicable Service Plan Lineup

GOL FLET's ADSL 24M + Fusion IP-Phone Plan

GOL FLET's ADSL 40M + Fusion IP-Phone Plan

GOL FLET's ADSL 47M + Fusion IP-Phone Plan

GOL B-FLET's New Family + Fusion IP-Phone Plan

GOL B-FLET's Basic + IP-Phone Plan

■Launch Date

November 18th, 2004

■Rental Fee

VoIP Rental Router - 480yen per month (504yen w/tax per month)

■Using Wireless LAN Capabilities

Customers interested in taking advantage of the wireless LAN capabilities of this router need to be aware that a wireless LAN card must be installed into the Cardbus slot of the router. The recommended wireless LAN card can be rented* as a package with your router or you may purchase directly from NEC via their online shop. A second wireless LAN card or built-in wireless LAN adapter will be needed for the PC you plan to use. Many PCs have wireless LAN capability straight from the manufacturer. Please confirm this when considering a separate purchase of a new card.
*Wireless LAN Card (NEC Access Technica AtermWL54AG):
Rental fee - 400yen per month (420yen w/tax per month)

■How to Sign Up

New Customers

If you have not yet arranged a FLET'S line contract with NTT, FUSION GOL will handle the paperwork on your behalf. Please apply through the online signup form or contact us for an application to be sent by FAX or Mail.

Fusion GOL Customers

If you are changing to one of the plans stated above, please go to the Member's Station (http://www.gol.com/members/) and follow the steps outlined there.

As a pioneer of IP-Phone services in Japan, Fusion group offers wide variety of Internet solutions through the Fusion GOL ISP division. Striving to meet the demands of our users; Providing a safe and pleasant broadband experience nationwide.


Contact Information

Fusion Network Services Corporation

Fusion GOL Customer Center

TEL: 0120-987-800 (Toll Free)

9:00am - 17:30pm, Monday through Friday.

FAX: 03-5276-5325

Email : sales@gol.com