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A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


[New Service Announcement] FLET'S ADSL "More III" (47M) Service

TOKYO, Japan - August 6, 2004 - Fusion Network Services Corporation announced today that its ISP division, FUSION GOL, is set to provide service compatible with NTT's "FLET'S ADSL More III/Special" 47Mbps lines. This new service has the potential to allow for a maximum downstream of 47Mbps and a maximum upstream of 5Mbps.

FLET'S ADSL 47M Service Details

FLET'S ADSL 47M is the newest addition to the FLET'S ADSL service line joining our previous offerings of 1.5M/8M/12M/24M and 40M. Now, we are proud to provide our customers a faster ADSL connection of the same brand at the same competitive price.

■Supported Services

NTT East: FLET'S ADSL "More III" (47M)

NTT West: FLET'S ADSL "More Special" (47M)



NTT East FLET'S ADSL http://flets.com/adsl/

NTT West FLET'S ADSL http://www.ntt-west.co.jp/ipnet/ip/adsl/


Monthly 1,230 yen (1,291.5 yen w/ tax)

* NTT FLET'S ADSL line usages fee, modem rental fee, NTT registration fee, and construction fee are billed separately by NTT.

■How to Apply
New Customers


If you have not already made a contract with NTT for FLET'S services, please make use of GOL's NTT One Stop Service. By using the NTT One Stop Service, you will not have to contact NTT directly. FUSION GOL will contact NTT and arrange for the ADSL line to be installed on your behalf for no additional charge. We will start accepting applications online, by fax, or by mail for the 47M services starting August 16, 2004.



Existing GOL Customers

Customers who are currently on the FLET'S ADSL 8/12/24/40M plans need only contact NTT for a line upgrade to 47M. Your existing GOL account will automatically be compatible with your upgraded line.

Customers who are currently on the FLET'S ADSL 1.5M plan or any plan other than those mentioned above can sign-up online via the Member's Station starting from August 16, 2004



■IP-Phone Compatibility


FUSION IP-Phone compatible VoIP routers are currently available only for the FLET'S ADSL 1.5/8/12M plans. We are planning to provide VoIP routers for the 24/40/47M plans by the end of November 2004. Details will be announced as they become available.

As a member of IP Phone pioneer, Fusion Group, FUSION GOL provides a wide variety of Internet solutions. With its proven record as an ISP in Japan, and unique bilingual support, FUSION GOL provides attentively tailored broadband Internet access services for the foreign community. More information is available at http://www.gol.com/english

Fusion Network Services Corporation
GOL Division


Customer Contact

FUSION GOL Customer Center
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9:00 AM -5:30 PM (Mon.- Fri.; excluding holidays)

FAX : 03-5276-5325

E-mail : corpsales@gol.com


Press Contact

Fusion Network Services Corporation
GOL Division Marketing Department

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FAX : 03-5276-5325

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