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A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


[New Service Announcement] AirH" Option Service

We are pleased to announce that starting today, May 20, we will
support the AirH" (pronounced "air edge") service in conjunction
with DDI Pocket. This is a proprietary wireless connection
service that allows convenient mobile Internet usage on your
notebook or PDA (standard desktop machines can be used also).
A variety of AirH" plans, including unlimited usage plans, are
available to meet your needs.


GOL Service Plan + 450yen/month (472.5 yen tax included)
*AirH" (DDI Pocket) Connection fees will apply.

■A&B Discounts
(you will have to sign-up for the A&B Discount with DDI Pocket.)

If you are a user of GOL broadband services (B-FLET'S, FLET'S
ADSL, or eAccess ADSL,) you will be eligible to take advantage
of the "A&B Discount" offered by DDI Pocket.

■How to Sign-up
  1. Online: http://www.gol.com/memberse
    Enter your ID and password and then log in.
    Click on "Options and Change to your Subscription."
    Scroll down to "AirH" Option" to sign-up.

  2. Mail or FAX:
    Download and print the "Changes and Additions Form" that
    corresponds to your service plan. You can mail or FAX it to us
    after your complete the form. If you have problems downloading
    the file, contact us at the phone number listed below to request
    a form.

If you have any further questions, please use the contact
information provided below.



FUSION GOL Customer Center

TEL 0120-987-800 (Toll Free)

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM (weekdays only, excluding holidays)

FAX: 03-5276-5325


As always, thank you for using FUSION GOL as your ISP.
We look forward to serving you in the future.

Fusion Network Services Corp.
GOL Division