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News, Maintenance Information, and Virus Information

A Notice From FUSION GOL


Dear Customers,


"Mydoom" Virus Warning

Currently, the NETSKY worm, a type of virus, is running rampant across the internet. If you do not have your SPAM filter set, please take note of the following.


Other Names


Degree of Danger




Does Not Target

DOS, Linux, MacOS, OS/2, UNIX, Windows 3.x

Transmitted By



This virus resides on targeted operating systems above and sends out e-mails to random recipients it finds from the computers files with itself attached. There are a couple variances of text content and one is selected randomly so it will not always be sending out the same message. This virus also functions as a backdoor hacking tool and a DoS tool.

What To Do


When you suspect that you have received an infected message, do not open the attachment and delete it entirely.


If you have virus scanning software purchased, we recommend that you install the latest pattern file.


FUSION GOL's Virus Filter Service will filter out messages infected with this virus. Please consider this as an opportunity to sign-up.

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