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Maintenance Information


Dear All FUSION GOL Users


Notification of GOL FLETS services maintenance (Kanagawa Area)

This is notification of a scheduled maintenance period for users of the FUSION GOL FLETS services in the Kanagawa area;

  • Maintenance Period
    Thursday 10th June 2010 between 0am and 7am

  • Affected customers
    ・Some Users of the FUSION GOL FLETS-ISDN services ,FUSION GOL FLETS-ADSL services ,FUSION GOL BFLETS services and FUSION GOL FLETS HIKARI NEXT services in the Kanagawa area.

  • Purpose
    Network Maintenance

  • Impact
    During this maintenance period, there will be instances where connections to FLETS services cannot be established for a maximum of 10 minutes at several times. If users are unable to connect after this time, we recommend that you power cycle your modem and then try connecting again.

If you have any questions about this maintenance period, please feel free to contact us

Tel: 0120-987-800 (Free dial - 9am to 5:30pm Mon-Fri)
Email: supporte@gol.com