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Webサーバ PHPバージョンアップについて

Introducing Web Server Upgrade PHP4 to PHP5

Thank you for using FUSION GOL.
FUSION GOL would like to announce that we are going to upgrade our WHP web servers from PHP4 to PHP5 in Spring 2008 due to the discontinuation of PHP4 support at the end of December 2007.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding. The upgrade schedule is as follows:


PHP4 and 5 will remain active during the upgrade period :
March 2008 to Middle of April 2008

Affected Customers : All Web Hosting Package Users


>>Click Here for information about customers affected by the upgrade

>>Click Here for the upgrade schedule details

What is PHP?

"PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)" is the script language designed for producing dynamic web pages since it decompiles scripts on HTML sources and displays them on a browser. Common PHP script applications are XOOPS, Wordpress, PukiWiki. FUSION GOL Web Hosting Package is adapting the standard "PHP4.4.6" as of January 2008.

Why is PHP4 discontinued?

The official PHP site 「php.net」 announced the following statements regarding the discontinuation of PHP4 on July 13th 2007, in order to promote PHP5 and proceed with further development of PHP6.

  • PHP4.4 is the last version of PHP4.

  • The official support regarding bug fixes for PHP4 ended on December 31st 2007

  • The main security update will be available until August 8th, 2008

* For more details, see the php.net
php.net「PHP 4 end of life announcement」[13-Jul-2007]

FUSION GOL was informed of this announcement and will therefore be migrating our servers from PHP4 to PHP5 in order to avoid any potential problems after security updates end on August, 2008.

What is PHP5?

PHP5 was released in 2004. It was upgraded based on PHP4 with additional features and advanced programming. PHP5 commands are slightly different from PHP4 commands meaning scripts created using PHP4 may not run correctly and there is a possibility that the scripts may not run at all.

If you are a FUSION GOL Web Hosting Package user, please make sure that your current PHP scripts will run correctly with PHP5.

* Please refer to this link regarding the difference between PHP4 and PHP5:
php.net "Migration from PHP 4 to PHP 5"