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Notice of Details Regarding Absorption Merger of Consolidated Subsidiaries

Fusion Communications Corporation

 Fusion Communications Corporation announces that it has conducted an absorption-type merger of its wholly owned subsidiaries Fusion Network Services Corporation and TT Net Service Company, Incorporated, effective as of September 1, 2009.

1. Purpose of Merger

 The merger will allow Fusion Communications Corporation to improve the efficiency of management resources. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we plan to position internet connection services as one of our core businesses. We also intend to further develop and expand our business as a communications provider under the Rakuten Group to create new possibilities for voice, data, contents and applications on the IP platform through the synergistic effect with our existing fixed carrier (My Line), IP Telephone and mobile operator (Rakuten Mobile) businesses.

2. Details of Merger

    (1) Schedule of Merger

    Board meetings to approve merger agreement

    June 18, 2009

    Shareholders’ meeting to approve merger

    July 16, 2009

    Effective Date of Merger

    September 1, 2009


    As this merger is a short-form merger provided for in Section 784.1 of the Companies Act, no shareholders’ meeting to approve the merger was held by either of the two subsidiary companies (absorbed companies).

    (2)Type of Merger

     This merger takes the form of an absorption-type merger following which Fusion Communications Corporation will be the surviving company, and Fusion Network Services Corporation and TT Net Service Company, Incorporated will be dissolved.

3. Overview of Companies at Time of Merger (August 31, 2009)

Surviving Company

Absorbed Company

Absorbed Company

(1)Corporate name

Fusion Communications Corporation

Fusion Network Services Corporation

TT Net Service Company, Incorporated


10,955 million yen

40 million yen

10 million yen

(3)Date of Establishment

March 13, 2000

June 7, 2001

September 16, 1999


Chairman Hiroshi Mikitani,
President Toru Shimada

President Toru Shimada

President Yoshinaga Inoue

(5)Business in brief

Telecommunications carrier (intermediary telephone/IP telephone business, etc.)

Telecommunications carrier (internet connection services, etc.)

Telecommunications carrier (intermediary telephone business, etc.)

(6)Major shareholders and their controlling share

Rakuten, Inc. 73.67%
Nissho Electronics Corporation 19.58% Others

Fusion Communications Corporation 100%

Fusion Communications Corporation 100%

4. Overview of Company Following Merger

(1) Corporate name

Fusion Communications Corporation

(2) Field of Business

Telecommunications carrier

(3) Head Office

Aoba Daiichi Building, 2-3-1 Kudan minami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(4) Representatives

Chairman Hiroshi Mikitani
President Toru Shimada 

(5) Capital

10,955 million yen

5. Operations after merger

 Various services currently offered by Fusion Communications and Fusion Network Services will continue to be provided by Fusion Communications, as the surviving company, on and after September 1, 2009 when the merger takes effect. We are determined to improve and enhance our services and expand our business to ensure that we will continue to be supported in the future by more customers than before.

*For further information about this press release, contact:
Fusion Communications Corporation             
Business Planning Division, Business Management Group: Naohisa Matsumoto/Yoko Sasaki