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Japanese/English and Japanese/English/Chinese SNS Framework Packages Now Available

 On Wednesday, December 12, GOL (“FUSION GOL”), the Internet Service Provider division of Fusion Network Services Corp. (headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; president and CEO Takeshi Kamada) will add English to their Multilingual Social Networking Service (SNS) Framework Packages. It will include Japanese/English and Japanese/English/Chinese language combinations. These packages come with everything necessary to build, operate, and maintain a multilingual social networking site; the most distinctive feature is the included templates, which allow administrators to get their sites up and running in a short time and at low cost. FUSION GOL has been offering a Japanese/Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) interface version of their Multilingual SNS Framework Package since November 5, 2007.

 Initial costs for the Multilingual SNS Framework Packages are 500,000 yen for the Japanese/English version and 1,000,000 yen for the Japanese/English/Chinese version, with monthly fees of 50,000 yen regardless of language combination. FUSION GOL will be targeting the three Multilingual SNS Framework Packages primarily to international schools, instructional institutions, foreign embassies in Japan, small- and medium-sized businesses, and local governments.

 Social networking sites are becoming widespread in the fields of local community, product reviews, job candidate searches, and industrial-educational-governmental exchange—all while causing a rapid increase in users and ad sales, according to data from think tanks and other research facilities. FUSION GOL has successfully planned, constructed, and operated language-specific social network sites Piqniq (http://www.piqniq.jp/) for English-speaking families in Japan and Jo-Ju Net (http://www.jo-ju.net/), bringing together Chinese people interested in Japan and Japanese people interested in China. These experiences have made FUSION GOL realize that multilingual social networking sites, as tools of communication, can serve the many and varied needs of employees at foreign embassies in Japan with ties to both their home and adopted countries, educators and parents at international schools, business project groups containing foreign staff members, employment agencies, and more. For these reasons and more, FUSION GOL has decided to introduce SNS frameworks that support multiple languages. 

The Japanese/English and Japanese/English/Chinese versions of FUSION GOL’s Multilingual SNS Framework Package currently include two different templates; after a brief template installation and configuration period of about two weeks, the SNS will be ready for full-scale use. The process can be completed at a much lower cost compared to planning and building a brand-new site from scratch. With an additional four templates that will be made available in January 2008, the current photo/image upload capability will be improved to also support data created by PowerPoint and other applications, allowing administrators to get even more individuality and functionality from their multilingual SNS.

The following is an overview of the Japanese/English and Japanese/English/Chinese versions of the Multilingual SNS Framework Package:


Service Name

Multilingual SNS Framework Package


Available Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Japanese/English (two languages, two scripts)
Japanese/English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
(threelanguages, four scripts)

Base Fees

[Initial charges] 
Japanese/English: 500,000 yen (525,000 with tax)
Japanese/English/Chinese: 1,000,000 yen (1,050,000 yen with tax)

    - OpenPNE installation and setup 
    - Domain registration and private SSL certificate
    - Create Japanese/English or Japanese/English/hinese (Simplified/Traditional) interfaces

[Monthly fees] 
50,000 yen (52,500 with tax)

    - Virtual Private Hosting (VPH-75)
    - Support via e-mail

*Minimum usage period: 6 months

*Use of the Japanese interface only incurs an initial charge of 100,000 yen (105,000 yen with tax) and monthly charges of 50,000 yen (52,500 yen with tax).


BBS/post monitoring and other add-on features to be quoted separately based on site size

SNS image

SNS Interfaces


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As a Web Solutions Provider, FUSION GOL is prepared for tomorrow's advances in internet and broadband services. Technological innovation and bilingual support by our international staff is what sustains our reputation as a trustworthy ISP.
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Fusion Network Services Corp., GOL Division General Planning Dept.
Marketing Group, Yoko Sasaki
TEL: 03-3239-6824 E-mail: pr@gol.com


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Fusion Network Services Corp., GOL Division
SalesPlanning Group.@| Japanese: Tsuyoshi Tomaru / Chinese: Go Yuki
E-mail: info@jo-ju.net

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