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FUSION GOL Introduces Social Networking Site Jo-Ju Net for Chinese in Japan

On March 28, GOL ("FUSION GOL"), the Internet Service Provider division of Fusion Network Services Corp. (headquar¬tered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; president and CEO Hiromi Imakoga), will introduce the beta version of Jo-Ju Net ( Jo-Ju Net http://www.jo-ju.net/), a full-scale social networking site aimed at Chinese citizens living in Japan.

Jo-Ju Net Jo-Ju Net , whose name carries the nuance of "Chinese citizens in Japan achieving success", will be a community-oriented site offering many social networking features, including e-mail, blogs, and message boards. Users may subscribe and post to the site in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, or Japanese, via an easy-to-use interface for Japan’s international community and expatriate groups. With no fees at present for basic membership, FUSION GOL expects to sign up ten thousand members within the year.

About 520 thousand* people of Chinese descent are living in Japan, accounting for about 25 percent of the country's foreign residents. This number is expected to increase, likely making the need for communication between Chinese residents and between residents and the Chinese mainland even more essential. Having already seen solid results from the October 2006 debut of its Piqniq social networking site for English-speaking families, FUSION GOL has now built upon that experience to present Jo-Ju Net.
*Immigration Bureau, Ministry of Justice, 2005

FUSION GOL is focused on increasing the user-friendliness of every service they offer, always analyzing user feed¬back and monitoring the system, then adding features and performing updates that serve user needs. It is with great confidence that FUSION GOL offers their new Jo-Ju Net service, sure to attract not only Chinese citizens in Japan, but also anyone who uses or is simply interested in the Chinese language.

We at FUSION GOL have always thought about providing a service that would serve as a forum for foreign residents of Japan who don't speak English to get the information they need and to interact with one another.

There is already a handful of Chinese-language sites for Chinese citizens in Japan, but only ours will draw on the framework and business experience of Piqniq (http://www.piqniq.jp/), our social networking site for English-speaking families, providing an even more helpful and easier-to-use online resource.

And because the site supports Simplified Chinese, Tradi-tional Chinese, and Japanese, it can be used not only by Chinese nationals in Japan, but also by those living overseas-and by Japanese speakers as well.

We invite all Chinese residents in Japan as well as any Japanese interested in China to give Jo-Ju Net a try.

Junichi Ando
Manager, Sales Division
Fusion Network Services Corp.


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