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FUSION GOL Launches Japan's First English-language SNS for Families "Piqniq" www.piqniq.j

The ISP division of Fusion Network Services Corporation, FUSION GOL, (HO: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ; CEO: Hiromi Imakoga) today launched a new SNS (Social Network Service) aimed at English-speaking families living in Japan .

"Piqniq" ( www.piqniq.jp ) follows in typical GOL tradition by focusing on a certain niche market. Whereas the big SNS's try to provide something for everyone, Piqniq (pronounced "pik-nik") is a service that hopes to provide something useful to a specific group of the international community - families.

Just like other Social Networks, users can make a profile, write a blog, and interact with other users through forums and private messaging. Most importantly, however, is the ability to add or comment on the growing list of companies, organizations, schools, etc., that provide services in English. In this way, Piqniq is more than just an SNS, it is a user-reviewed Information Resource that will be available to both registered users and non-users alike.

In its first incarnation, Piqniq will not have a lot of advanced features but, with helpful user feedback and close monitoring, additional features and updates will be added as the needs present themselves. We, at FUSION GOL are very proud of this new service and invite anyone who is raising a family in Japan to join the community!



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We felt that for English-speaking families, there was no "one place" that they could easily fine the type of information that was relevant to them. There are a lot of Japan-specific resources spread throughout the net and in print but nothing really focused on the family lifestyle.

English-speaking families, no matter what country they may be from, have certain needs and questions that can be difficult to answer. We've designed Piqniq to help users discuss.

  • Raising kids in Japan

  • Babysitters or daycare centers

  • Schools and activities for kids

  • Doctors and dentists

  • The ultimate family getaway

all in English!

- Robert Rork
Foreign Sales and Marketing
Fusion Network Services Corp.

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