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Boosts Capabilities of Web Hosting Package ServicePower up Campaign

From September 1 (Fri), the ISP division of Fusion Network Services Corporation FUSION GOL, (HO: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiromi Imakoga) is enhancing the capabilities of the Web hosting package service offered by its GOL Division (formerly FUSION GOL). In conjunction with this development, the company is holding a Power up Campaign.

The Web hosting package service provided by FUSION GOL combines high-capacity Web and e-mail capabilities with packaged hosting services. Customers themselves can easy to change settings using a management control panel. The site access analysis tool "Urchin" is provided as standard, enabling customers to check the effectiveness of their site from graphical reports that are processed quickly. In addition, a support team of experienced, bilingual staff provides all-round operational back-up even after the package is installed.

Key enhancements

■Priority given to higher security, for a network that can be used with peace of mind

The package supports FTP/POP/SMTP over SSL. By encrypting each access
transmission, snooping by third parties is prevented, and confidential
information and privacy are protected. APOP authentication, which prevents
leakage of mail passwords, can also be used. With the Executive Plan option,
SSL-encrypted transmission by means of special-purpose certificates can now
be used.

■Higher capacity and higher speed provide basic performance fit for a new generation

Basic performance has been boosted: Disk space has been increased by a
factor of 3.3, and data rate about 3-6 times. Web and mail can each be
allocated their own disk space, and performance for both has been improved.
A subdomain capability, which enables the use of multiple URLs, and Web
mail, which can be checked from anywhere, have now been added to the basic
service. The Business/Executive Plan options provide MySQL database and
newsletter capabilities as standard, enabling customers to develop an effective
online shop.

■Easier operation and management with high-quality shopping cart

The shop design incorporates a skin system, enabling templates and colors to
be changed freely and easily. Credit card settlement can be used as an
option, making it easy to introduce credit card payment, which is essential
for an online shop. Moreover, personal data and card numbers can be handled
securely through SSL-encrypted transmission. Such a diverse range of
capabilities helps users set up a shop quickly. At this time, Shopping
Cart and Credit Card services are available only in Japanese.

Table of fees (including tax)

Service Name

Disk Space

Disk Space

Data Transfer


Initial Fee

Monthly Fee






















FUSION GOL Web Hosting Package Power up Campaign

Eligible customers:

Those applying for Web Hosting Package during the campaign period


September 1 (Fri) to November 30 (Thu)


Benefit 1:

Set-up fee => Free (cashback)

Benefit 2:

Domain registration fee => Free

Benefit 3:

200 subscribers will be chosen by lot

each month to receive a 5,000-yen Amazon gift card

About FUSION GOL [Fusion Network Services Corp., GOL Division]

FUSION GOL [Fusion Network Services Corp., GOL Division] in accordance with Japan's IP-Phone pioneer, Fusion Communications Corporation's concept of "Everything over IP", FUSION GOL provides broadband services offering a wide v ariety of benefits. Technological innovation and bilingual support by our international staff is what sustains our reputation as a trustworthy ISP.
Refer to http://www.gol.com/en/biz/ for more details.

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Fusion Network Services Corp., GOL Division General Planning Dept.
Marketing Group, Yoko Sasaki
TEL: 03-3239-6824 E-mail: pr@gol.com

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Fusion Network Services Corp., Foreign GOL Division
Sales Dept. Foreign Sales & Marketing Group
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