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FUSION GOL Launches a new Hosting Service : VPH Service

The ISP division of Fusion Network Services Corporation, FUSION GOL, (HO: Chiyoda-ku, Toky CEO: Hiromio; Imakoga) announced today, September 26, the launch of a new Web hosting offering, VPH Service (VPH: Virtual Private Hosting). FUSION GOL's VPH Service is a rental server service built on a concept of offering the security, flexibility and freedom of a dedicated server at the affordable price of shared hosting.

While the server hardware and host operating system is in fact shared, the VPH's use of virtualization technology allocates a private file system for each customer ensuring maximum security of data. Customers are given root privileges on the VPH which allows for easy installation of software packages which run independently on the host machine. Pre-installed software ensures a fast service set-up whilst the optional software made available is kept updated for customers to quickly and easily access and install.

Furthermore, FUSION GOL's VPH Service also allows for the use of SSL for safe, secure and confidential data transmission.
Overall system security is rigorously monitored by FUSION GOL so that customers can devote more time to site management.

How VPH Works These services were designed to appeal to businesses looking to upgrade from a shared hosting service for increased security, wider flexibility and improved performance but are wishing to avoid the monetary, time and staffing costs involved in managing their own dedicated server or self hosting.

FUSION GOL VPS Service Details

Service Start Date

September 26, 2005(Monday)

System Specifications

  • Operating System FreeBSD 5-STABLE

  • Memory 4GB

  • Network Backbone 2.1Gps


VP25 - Monthly Fee: 18,900 yen(19,845 yen w/tax) Diskspace: 2.5GB
VP75 - Monthly Fee: 32,800 yen (34,440 yen w/tax) Diskspace: 7.5GB
* Initial Fee: 15,000 yen (15,750 yen w/tax)

For more details, please refer to http://www.gol.com/en/biz/service/vph/

Launching Campaign Offer

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