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Microsoft Outlook Express 6
Step1. Creating a new profile
Step 2. Configuring/modifying SMTP (outgoing mail) server

Step 2. Configuring/modifying SMTP (outgoing mail) server

1. Start Outlook Express. Select "Accounts" from under "Tools."

2. Click on the "Mail" tab in the "Internet Accounts" window. Select your GOL configuration and click on "Properties."

3. Configure the "General" tab of "popmail.gol.com Properties" as follows:

- Mail Account: popmail.gol.com

User Information
- Name: your name
- Organization: enter as needed
- E-mail address: your email address (user-id@gol.com)
- Reply address: enter as needed

Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing: check

4. Click on the "Servers" tab and configure as follows:

Server Information
- Incoming mail (POP3): popmail.gol.com
- Outgoing mail (SMTP): mail.gol.com

Incoming Mail Server
- Account name: user-id@gol.com
- Password: your FUSION GOL password
- Remember password: check
- Log on using Secure Password Authentication : do not check

Outgoing Mail Server
- My server requires authentication : check

Click on the "Settings" button.

5. Configure the "Outgoing Mail Server" window as follows and click OK.

Logon Information
- Use same settings as my incoming mail server: select this

Click "OK."

6. Click on the Connection tab and confirm that "Always connect to this account using:" check box is NOT checked.

6. Click on the Advanced tab and confirm that your Incoming server port is 110 and Outgoing SMTP port is 587.

- Incoming Server (POP3): 110
- This server requires a secure connection (SSL): Unchecked
- Outgoing server (SMTP): 587
- This server requires a secure connection (SSL): Unchecked

Click on "OK."

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